Export management

Every company that comes into contact with export faces the advantages and disadvantages of exporting. Exporting offers the opportunities. A new market can create sales and profit growth. It adds to your ‘brand’ and creates a larger and often more stable market.

But export also requires determining a strategy, having a long term vision and commitment. Exporting is not easy and can sometimes result in nothing but time wasted and money lost.

Determining the right export strategy is a first and important step. Will you start pioneering on your own and set up an office or showroom (direct export) or will you look for a partner to develop and serve the export market (indirect export)? Much depends on your company, the industry you are in and the sales and earnings outlook of the export market.


Direct export means high costs, especially in the development of the export market. Indirect export requires relatively little investment. Moreover, through your export partner you may have direct access to potential customers and relevant information on the export market.

Lindner Benelux BV supports its suppliers in developing and sustaining the export market Benelux. Therefor, our suppliers operate the Benelux market through indirect exporting.

The market- and profit prospects for our suppliers offer them no business case for setting up a direct export strategy. In addition, the type of product they manufacture is best exported using an intermediary, not a distributor. This is due to the nature of the product they produce, a customer specific product with order-based manufacturing.

Lindner Benelux BV acts as an intermediary for its suppliers and support them in developing and sustaining the export Benelux.

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