Account management

Lindner Benelux BV supports its suppliers with account management. We play an important role for our suppliers:

-Presentation of the supplier to the (potential) customer.

-Visits of (potential) customers.

-Mediation between supplier and customer.

-Discuss sensitive topics.

-Sense needs of the customers and translating them into the supplier’s ability.

-Contact for complaints and claims. Fast on-site to investigate cause and severity.

-Maintain contact with the design world.


Account management is important for our customers (and therefore important for our suppliers):

-Mediation between customer and supplier.

-Knowledge of language and cultural differences.

-A certain technical insight.

-Order processing and deadline monitoring.

-Maintain contact between customer and supplier.

-Involvement when complaints and/or delivery problems.

-Contact for questions and comments.

-Fast on-site in case of problems or developments.

-Organize and guide the customer with visits to the supplier.


Self we add to this:

-We support and play an active role in account management, acquisition, and after sales.

-We process orders, translations, monitor delivery times and quality of supplies.

-We are a constant factor in the relationship between supplier and buyer by the long-term connections with our suppliers.

-We are an important partner due to our strong, diverse but specialized portfolio.

-We use our strong portfolio for our commercial activities. This benefits the customer and the supplier. It makes us effective!

-We know our suppliers and customers.

-We are fluent in different languages

-We have a good sense for the relational aspect of doing business.

-We invest in our relationships and strive to build and maintain long-term relationship between the parties.

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